Thursday, February 5, 2009

Warm weather here I come!

Today I had 4 classes before I was off to Arizona! I am going to visit my best friend who moved there when I was a freshman. We talk on the phone everyday and try to visit eachother every other month. She is still my best friend! I am SO excited to get out of the cold weather, even if it is just for 5 days. The weather forcast for Tucson, Arizona says its about 80 degrees there today! Whoo Hoo!!

I had such an easy time waking up this morning, because I was looking forward to my trip (and breakfast too)! I knew I probably wouldn't get a chance to eat lunch until I was settled in the airport (and I have no idea how long that might take) so I figured an oatmeal breakfast would be a good choice to tie me over. I had a de-li-cious bowl of oats this morning!

My bowl consisted of the following:
-1 packet plain instant oatmeal
-2/3 cup of water
-a handful of raspberries
-tbsp of shredded coconut
-a spoonful of peanut butter

It was delicious! Around 10:15 I was in Spanish class. I had made cookies for my class last night. I made 48 cookies. 24 chocolate chip and 24 sugar cookies with sprinkles. I treated myself to a sugar cookie, and I also had a bottle of Diet Snapple I snagged from the school store because I was thirsty as could be!
Here's a look at the cookies-

Now I am off to the airport. See you for a high-flying lunch! (Ok, that was corny)


Taylor said...

Thanks, yes blog buddies would be fun! ha :]
Have fun in Arizona. 80 degree weather would definitely be nice to have. Here in Missouri, it's around 20. =(

The oatmeal & cookies both look delicious! I definitely want to makes cookies now lol.

Have a safe flight! <3

Trust, Hope, Believe said...

hey! I just found you blog and I really like it! :) breakfast looks so good!

Haylee said...

I really like your blog Hun, you remind me a lot of myself.:) keep up the writing, I enjoy reading what you have to say!