Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Boston is one of my favorite cities. I really want to go to college there. Boston College has been my dream since I knew what college was. We actually took a drive-by today on our way home. 
We woke up at 5:30, and left by 6:30. We got into the city in just under 2 hours (much quicker than normal!) We stopped to get coffee, granola bars, and gas on the way. I had a small black coffee with 1/2 splenda, a Cliff Kid Z-Bar (love these), and an apple.

 My mom also got a speeding ticket on route 84. I swear to god, she was NOT speeding. As the police put his lights on we both looked of the speed-o-meter and looked at eachother and said "he can't be pulling us over, is he?". For a $300 ticket, she's going to fight it!!
Once we got into Boston we waiting for my uncle to arrive, as this meeting was for him. (My mom does work for her brother). Copley Mall opened at 10AM, so when the clock struck Kelly and I headed down that way. We shopped for a while, and then got VERY hungry. We knew that we would probably be having lunch with our mom and uncle around in about a half an hour to an hour (it was 11 at the time), so we didn't know what to do. We went to the Shaw's grocery store in the Prudential Center. Kelly got a hard-boiled egg (?). I got two sandwiches...even funnier. Don't worry- I wasn't planning on eating both right there and then. I couldn't choose between these two amazing looking sandwiches (all natural, vegan). I got an Eggplant Parm Sandwich and a Tempeh Ruben. I figured if my mom took too long- I would be eating! Turns out, I ended up taking both home. That's fine, I have them for later!!
Lunch ended up being sans mom and uncle...long story. Kelly and I first did take-out at Legal Seafood where Kelly and I both got soup. I got a cup of the Lite Clam Chowder (broth based, filled with clams and veggies). It was soo good! We ended up taking our soup down to Au Bon Pain to round out our meal. Plus, we had stopped in earlier and it looked amazing! I ate at that particular Au Bon Pain with a friend once, and it really beats every other one I've ever been to. At Au Bon Pain I did a "make-your-own" wrap. I got a wrap with romaine lettuce, onion, cucumbers, sprouts, roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella, and dijon mustard.

Here's a closer look inside my wrap...

 I ate 1/2 of this, with some of the watermelon that Kelly and I got to share, and a Diet Pepsi. The soup, wrap, and fruit filled me up nicely and made me feel MUCH better.
After lunch, we set off to find our mother- whom took forever to track down because she has some aversion to answering her cell phone. Finally we found her, and started to head home. Like I said, on the way we stopped to see the BC campus- which I loved! My mom even made me do some highway driving (my first time ever on the highway). I have never been so scared driving! I'm sure I will get used to it.
When we got home, I was SO tired. So was Kelly and my mom. We vegged out for a little, and then got up and went to F.Y.E. because Kelly wanted to get the new David Archuleta album that came out today. She is in love! P.S. I snacked on an unphotographed Banana Baby (of course) during this down time.
After our F.Y.E. stop, we hit up the chinese place for dinner. We went to Rice Fields, which is a homey little restaurant literally right down the street from our house. Our order consisted of the following:
*Steamed Pork Dumplings
*Steamed Vegetable Dumplings
*Pint of White Rice and Brown Rice
*Steamed Mixed Vegetables
*Wonton Soup
*Egg Roll (for my mom)

I don't think I have mentioned on the blog yet that I do not eat beef or pork (only poultry and fish). The veggie dumpling idea was mine. I haven't had dumpling since I stopped eating red meat years ago, they were so good! For dinner I portioned myself out a plate of 2 veggie dumplings, a large serving of mixed vegetables, and some brown rice. This was yummy, but I wasn't that hungry.

After homework time and a shower (brought me to about 9PM) I had dessert. Tonight was a small square of vanilla cake from Shaw's along with a Lofthouse Pumpkin Iced Cookie! SOOO amazing!

There is not really anything else exciting to report about my night, except for possible night snack. I had 2 slices of Country Kitchen Light Oatmeal bread spread with a wedge of Light Laughing Cow Swiss cheese. I also had a Yoplait Light Thick & Creamy and a Fiber 1 bar.

NIGHT TIME! I can't explain my exhaustion. 

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