Thursday, November 13, 2008

Damn Technology

I finally figured out why my pictures are not working. My phone can't figure out how to send the email! I have a blackberry, and I just email my pictures to myself so I then have them on the computer. This worked in the beginning, however now the email is very
delayed. I just got all my pictures from the past few days this morning! Don't be surprised if I am posting pictures a few days later than the post until I get this figured out. I got so frustrated last night, I didn't even post! I will give you a recap, with pictures later.
Breakfast was, of course, my oats bowl with PB. 

I got out of class at 11:15AM yesterday, but I had tutoring from 11:15-12:15PM. When my mom came to pick me up, she brought a surprise. Her phone came! Now we're Blackberry Curve twins! She wanted to go to Verizon to switch over her phone and the contacts. When she was there, I went to Borders to buy a few SAT/ACT Prep books that I needed for tutoring. After I got the books I still had time to spare so I headed to Walgreens because I wanted to grab some more of the Russell Stover Sugar Free Chocolate Marshmallows. I got 6 more! I also picked up some Carmex for my fall chapped lips =), as well as these cute little Disney Chocolate Bites. There is 16 in the pack and they are cute and little. They are in the shapes of characters from Pooh! After my purchases, my mom was finally ready to hit the road.
When I got home I quickly threw together something easy for lunch that I could eat while doing AP U.S. History reading. I had my usual veggie sandwich on a Joseph's pita with spicy brown mustard, a pack of Nature Valley Apple Crisps, a Cocovia bar, a Diet Coke, and a So Delicious Raspberry Cream bar for dessert (bar will be pictured separately). A perfect lunch for yesterday!
Here is my So Delicious Bar pictured next to Lincoln! 

After lunch I continued to do work, then I did the dishes and fed the dogs, and finally helped my mom learn how to use her new Blackberry. My mom made Cream of Wheat for her to have for dinner, I told her she was weird, and proceeded into the fridge to get one of the sandwiches I bought in Boston. I settled on the Eggplant Parmesan sandwich. OH MY GOD this was delicious!! I wish I could get these around us...
I warmed up half of it, and ate the other half cold in order to try it both ways and better enjoy the meal. I loved it both ways. This was soooo yummmy! It was really hard for me to eat this without knowing the nutrition facts. It was hard- but I did it and man it was good! I enjoyed it alongside a Boston's Light Popcorn. 
Next I took a shower, and passed out on my living room floor. Literally. Well, kinda. I fell asleep there studying!! I woke up around 9:30, made my sisters lunch for today, grabbed a banana baby for dessert, and headed to my room. I did some more work and later on had my night snack. Last night that consisted of a Laughing Cow spread on 2 slices of Country Kitchen Light Oatmeal Bread, and Yoplait Thick & Creamy, a Cliff Kid Z-Bar, and a Russell Stover Marshmallow for a treat!

 After this I was so tired- I hit the hay!!

This morning I didn't take a picture of my oats because I was too frustrated with the whole picture ordeal. I finally calmed down when I saw the pictures in my inbox this morning. Lunch was what I am going to call a classic "Westy on-the-run lunch". A lot of the kids will grab a chocolate Nesquik or Naked drink along with some Pretzel Flipz and call that lunch when their really busy. I had to do a DBQ (in class history essay using documents for support) during my lunch block today. It was a make-up that I missed while in Boston. Because I didn't have time for lunch, I took what I could get. I ran to the dining hall for an apple, and then proceeded to the store to buy a Diet Coke, some Chocolate Pretzel Flips, and a 100 calorie Balance Bar. 

I ate all of the apple and bar, and about 1/2 the bag (1 serving) of Flipz.
I have to run- time to get some work done before I get picked up!!

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