Monday, November 3, 2008

Day one is filled with surprises!

Hello and welcome to my first post!! 
So I was enjoying my lunch today while catching up on blogs after getting out of school early when I thought to myself- what if I start my own blog? The idea sounded fantastic to me. Although I am a bit concerned about how much time I am going to have to keep up with my blog, I still think it would be a good thing to have to come to when I need it. 
Since I had already devoured breakfast and lunch before I began the blog- here is a quick recap.
Breakfast consisted of a bowl of oatmeal made with 1/2 cup of dry oats, a tablespoon of Peter Pan Whipped Creamy Peanut Butter, along with a splash of DiVinci Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup. I normally have this for breakfast basically every morning, as it's practically the only thing I can stomach at 6AM!
Mid-morning snack at school was on-the-go. I had a Chocolate Brownie Cliff Kid Z-Bar with a mug of Diet Hot Chocolate. It hit the spot on a chilly morning!!  The picture is one that I took this evening and is the exact replica of what I had. Please excuse the blurry cell phone pic!

Lunch was simple, light, and delicious- although very sodium friendly (it's okay, i've been watching my sodium lately!) I had a whole can of Campbell's Select Harvest Light Italian Style Vegetable Soup along with 1/2 Joseph's Pita cut into wedges for dipping. There is a full serving of veggies in every cup, so I am using that to justify my two-cup bowl! I also had a glass of water and diet coke, but I will explain more about my horrible habit later. 
Here is a picture of the soup that I found online as a replacement, along with the pita.

My after lunch treat was 2 Hershey's Sugar Free Caramel Chocolates and a Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Jello Pudding!

The afternoon wasn't too exciting- until I found out we had a Hill Holiday!! Now most of you are probably wondering- what in the heck is that? Well 4 times a year at my school, once each during the fall and winter terms and twice during the spring, we have a surprise day off. If our headmaster puts on a hat during the school day, then basically the entire school breaks out in cheer and classes are cancelled the following day. Kids start spreading rumors about when this day is going to be, so practically everyone knew we were going to have one tomorrow anyways. I knew because I was eavesdropping on a phone conversation that the academic director was having one afternoon =). Anyways, that means tonight I get to enjoy myself without worrying about homework or waking up early! YES!

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