Thursday, November 6, 2008

Go, go, go

I've been going nonstop all day!
I went straight from class to pic up my grandmother with my mom so we could bring her to the foot doctors. We dropped her off there and headed to Dunkin Donuts to grab some food. I didn't eat lunch at school today because I was just way too overwhelmed. I had a Dunkin Donuts Egg White Turkey Sausage Flatbread and a small black coffee with 1 splenda. I loveee these flatbreads!!
I literally am obsessed with those things! 
Afternoon snack was in the car. My mom brought it to me, and I had one of the new bars I recently fell in love, and a Frigo Light Cheese Stick on the side! Definitely kept me going through the evening!
This evening we went to the doctors for both me and my mom. My parents and I got to a concierge specialty doctor (my sister is too young for the practice), so luckily I could sneak in a weigh in/vitals during my mom's appointment. My weight was down- and now I am just 3 pounds from my inpatient admission weight. I am really concerned and I am really not trying to loose any weight- I think it's just stress. So I really have to work on upping my intake now. Don't be surprised if you see lots of food! I need to GAIN BABY!
After the doctors I had a therapist appointment in the building next door. The appointment went really well and was very helpful towards getting me back on track. I didn't tell her that I started a food blog, but I did tell her I was photographing and tracking my food in order to keep myself accountable. She said it was a good idea, and I could even email her some pictures of my triumphs if I was up to it.
In the downstairs of the therapists office is a favorite place of my mom, sister, and I. Cosi. We grabbed some Cosi Sandwiches to-go for dinner. I had a Fire-Roasted Veggie on Etruscan Whole Grain with baby carrots. This is one of my favorite sandwiches from here. It is warm with roasted veggies and a creamy feta cheese spread (feta is one of my all time favorite cheeses). It hit the spot tonight!
Up closer-
Dessert was the same as last night (I am obsessed what can I say?!?). A Diana's Milk Chocolate Banana Baby- YOU MUST TRY THESE THEY ARE BEYOND AMAZING!!

(How awful is that pic with my laptop and blanket in the background?)
I had a really good chat with my best friend Ariel tonight. By the way- her grandmother is out of the hospital and doing much much better. She was really helping to both motivate me regarding my health and eating right now, as well as help calm me down (I was in hysterics) about my boy issues right now =(. I miss her so much (she moves to Arizona 2 years ago) and can't wait until we see each other over winter break. Although we talk several times a day, it's not the same as having her here!
My evening snack/meal (we should call it a meal at this point!) was yummy! I had 2 slices of Country Kitchen Light Oatmeal bread spread with a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese and sprouts. I also had the infamous Thick & Creamy Yogurt. To finish, I had one of my favorite treats, a Chex Mix Turtle Bar! 
I LOVE THESE! I will do a review sometime when I am not exhausted. 
All from above-

Speaking of being tired, I am off to bed. 'Night everyone!

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