Thursday, December 11, 2008

Breakfast for dinner

Around 5pm I snacked on some baby carrots while doing some Algebra II homework.
UGH I hate math!
Tonight I was feelin' a good old fashion breakfast for dinner night!! I was on my own because the parents had a christmas party. French toast sounded good- so french toast it was!!
I made my french toast with 2 slices of Country Kitchen Light Oatmeal bread and a batter of egg whites, Torani Sugar Free Vanilla syrup, and lots of cinnamon. I poured on generous amounts of sugar-free syrup on my french toast. Alongside I had some cottage cheese with blueberries and a Butterfly Bakery Double Chocolate Chip muffin. To drink was water and Numi Jasmine Green Tea with some stevia to sweeten it up!
 This was the perrrrfect dinner and really hit the spot while covering (most) of the nutritional bases.
By the way, I want to focus in on the Butterfly Bakery muffin. I discovered these in Shaw's over the summer and fell in love. They are made of really healthy ingredients with no sugar added. I am a muffin girl (seriously, I love muffins) so these were a huge find for me.
I hate to tell you, but I am still stuck on banana babies. I seriously LOVE them. I can't explain how much so. I enjoyed one for dessert tonight. 
My no-calorie counting intuitive eating is going really well. Although sometimes I find that I can't fully trust myself and my body yet. It's scary, but I am slowly but surely getting there. I am trying my best to incorporate healthy meals into my diet, as well as a treat here and there. The only thing I have been noticing that I still do is use low-fat and sugar-free foods. I think I am okay with this for now, because as long as I am not using them to obsessively count calories/restrict my intake, it can't do too much harm. Otherwise, I have been able to eat out in restaurants and such and it is NO BIG DEAL! Yesterday I did some studying at Barnes and Noble. I was there through lunchtime (we get out at 11 on Wednesdays), so I figured I needed to grab a bite to eat. I practiced being flexible and got the exact lunch special in the Barnes and Noble Cafe with no alterations! The special of the day was a half of a Turkey and Cheese Chipotle Panini (turkey, cheddar, mozzarella, and a chipotle mayonnaise grilled to perfection) with a cup of the Chicken Tortilla soup. To drink I had a half of an IBC Diet Root Beer and a glass of water. This was literally the best lunch I have had in a long time. It was seriously SO good. If you haven't hit the Barnes and Noble Cafe for a panini yet I suggest you get on that. One more triumph I had this week was on Monday night. My sister and I were on our own for dinner because my parents went to go visit my grandmother who is in a nursing home right now. My dad slipped us a twenty on his way out the door so we could order in for delivery. We decided to try this new place called West Avon Pizza. OH MY GOD this is soooo my new favorite delivery place. Their menu is sooo much more than pizza. It ranges from chicken tenders, wings, and mozzarella sticks to pizza to calzones to grinders to wraps to spaghetti dishes galore to gyros to salads to burgers. The list goes on. I tried the turkey gyro. It was literally amazing. I got the tzatzki sauce on the side because I hate when things come drowning in a yucky sauce and I didn't want to take the chance. I put some of the sauce on though, and it was soooo amazingly good! My gyro came with a greek salad with huge chunks of feta (my favorite cheese ever). My sister got spaghetti and meatballs and it came with bread, butter, and a side salad. This dinner was so good. This place is a new favorite. 
Okay I am done ranting, I just wanted to give a quick update on my eats and accomplishments!
I really have to finish my homework, I will be back to edit my post later.
I still have to have a night snack, but since I will be up late studying I am sure I will get hungry for it. I am thinking popcorn/trail mix and a yogurt. I just bought a new Berry Chocolate Trail Mix that's calling my name!!
I ended up having what I said I would. I popped a mini bag of popcorn and threw in a handful of this yummy mix-
I was inspired by Care to Eat to have trail mix. I needed to see what the hype was about. I LOVE IT NOW! It's totally yummy, and nutritious!
With my night snack I also had a Yoplait yogurt and a water bottle mixed with Totally Light 2 Go Lemonade.

Now I really have to go finish studying for my huge AP U.S. History test tomorrow. I can't wait for christmas break!!

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