Monday, December 15, 2008


Of course, being home sick I haven't taken any pictures YET AGAIN. Sorry! My stomach wasn't feeling too great this morning, so I had some Cream of Wheat and a banana. Inside my bowl of Cream of Wheat I had some Brummel and Brown and Splenda. This breakfast made me feel much better, and was really soft
I actually went on the treadmill for just a mile around 10:30. I was thinking "what would make me feel better?". And a run sounded like what I needed. It felt great, as did my shower afterwards. 
Until lunchtime I worked on my English essay. About 20 minutes ago my mom and I rummaged through dinner leftovers for lunch. I took the Mango Caprese salad and made a sandwich out of it with an Arnolds Sandwich Thin and some Hellman's Honey Mustard. YUM! I also had about 5 thick eggplant fries and an apple.
Now I am going to work on my essay some more!

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