Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm a horrible blogger

With all the company here I have been very picture-shy and haven't taken any photos of my eats! I'll still give a quick recap of yesterday and today, and I promise to get back in full-gear ASAP.
For breakfast yrdayeste morning my dad and grandfather went out to Bagels Plus to grab what ended up being an assortment of thirteen bagels for a house of 6 people! Funny, because we ended up eating less than half of them! Everyone only ate about 1/2-3/4 of a bagel. Only 2 people ate a full one. I had a half of a plain bagel with some fat free cream cheese and a nice bunch of grapes. I also enjoyed my morning jasmine green tea with breakfast.
For lunch I decided I needed to sneak away from company and met my friend, Katie, down at Cosi for lunch. I got a Bombay Chicken Light Salad with Etruscan Whole Grain bread. I ate pretty much my whole salad and about 1/2 of my bread. I just might have ordered a bottle of diet coke too =)
Around 3:30 or so in the afternoon I decided I was really hungry. I had a slice of rye bread with warmed kapusta and a tomato slice on top. Perfect!
I ended up going to the movies with my dad last night. We were going to go to dinner, but we really weren't that hungry so we decided that movie theater junk would be enough. We saw Marley and Me. It was so adorable! I cried of course, but I loved the movie. I had gotten the kids pack popcorn, which came with a fun size candy and a soda. I had a choice between Skittles and M&Ms. I chose M&Ms and a Diet Coke for my drink. (I also snuck a water in from home). This was such a yummy treat- something I really rarely have.
When I got home I was actually starving though since I didn't have a full dinner so I tried out my new panini maker! I made a nutella-banana panini with about a tbsp of nutella and 1/2 a smashed banana. Grilled to perfection and sprinkled with powdered sugar-

I also had a yogurt.

I felt much better after this. I ended up snacking on a Honey Nut Cherrios Milk & Cereal bar around midnight or so while I was up watching movies and such. Overall, I felt like it was a pretty good day and very intuitive.
I realized this evening that the past few days have been filled with food splurges. AKA I have been eating lots of treats I don't normally eat. I decided that it is the holidays and that I am going to enjoy myself. When I go back to school I will probably naturally go back to eating healthier but for now I am really enjoying myself. On that note, my day did start off fairly healthy today. I had my favorite Sunday breakfast of a egg-in-toast-hole. In other words, an egg fried in a slice of bread with a slice of Veggie Pepperjack cheese melted on top. I enjoyed this with a Cranbran Vitatop and a mug of jasmine green tea. 
My mom and I ended up leaving the house around noon to go visit my grandmother at the rehab center and take her out for the day. On the way I had some diet iced green tea. By the time we got there, got her up and going, and made our way to the car it was about 2PM. I was so hungry by this point, and we had to figure out what we were going to do for lunch. We found a Friendly's, so we pulled on over! Here goes my splurges for the day....
I ordered from the kids menu, because I am just too cool. I ordered the mac and cheese and a side of mixed vegetables. I ate all the veggies and about half the mac and cheese. When it was time for dessert I decided it was really time for a treat. I flat out made the decision that I really want to let go of my ED for good, which entails doing normal things like having ice cream at Friendly's. I tried the Birthday Cake Friend-Z. This was vanilla soft serve swirled with frosting, pound cake, and sprinkles. AHHH IT WAS DELICIOUS! Not only and I so proud of myself for ordered a dessert and eating it, I enjoyed it immensely!
We ended up taking my grandmother to Wal-Mart after lunch to do a little shopping and to just get out a little considering she's been cooped up. That went fine, but was a bit of a tedious process since she can barley walk.
We finally got home around 6:45PM and were exhausted! I relaxed on the couch while catching up on blogs for a while and helped my mom do her puzzle. Around 8:30 we decided we were finally hungry again. We whipped out all the Christmas leftovers and made a plate. I had a small plate filled with butternut squash, turkey, cranberry sauce, and a slice of rye bread with warmed kapusta and tomato. YUM!!  
I will probably have a snack later, probably something easy like a yogurt/granola bar or something. Night everyone!

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