Friday, December 12, 2008

I think I failed it...

It being the history test. It was SOOO hard. I hope I didn't fail too miserably. The multiple choice questions my teacher gives are just so impossible. The level of knowledge needed to answer them is way beyond my capacity! 
My day started earlier than normal today, because my dad and I had to stop at the cleaners so I could get the straps of my formal dress sewn to fit properly. My mom made me two slices of toast, so I gladly accepted. On my toast I spread a wedge of laughing cow cheese. I ate this in the car along with my travel mug filled with Numi Jasmine Green Tea and Stevia. I snagged a picture before running out the door.
This morning I had a really easy math quiz, and then English where I read for a whole hour. Overall it was a decent morning. I had a free block around 10:30, and was feeling a little hungry so I went to the store and grabbed a Diet Coke and a Balance Bar (both unphotographed, I forgot). This quickly fixed my hunger. 
After Spanish and the impossible AP U.S. History test I finally had a free lunch block. Today was another Westminster favorite- Grilled Cheese day! The grilled cheeses here are probably the most unhealthy thing ever. 2 slices of Wonder bread, american cheese, and butter. I have actually never had one until today (eating disorder reasons), but I actually enjoyed it. I also had a small salad with cucumbers and balsamic vinegar,some fresh fruit salad, and a tall glass of water. Sorry that I don't have a picture, there's no way I am taking pics in the dining hall!! This is pretty much exactly what my sandwich looked like.

Today before community service we are going to Starbucks!! I can't wait to grab a much needed coffee! I think we are also going to go shopping for our Angel Tree Project, which is a big tree that we have at school. On the tree are paper angels with information about needy families who need christmas gifts. 
I am going to be staying on campus later tonight, even through dinner, because I have to help clean up our chapel at 7pm tonight in preparation for our yearly Candlelight Service.

Time for chemistry- last class!!

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