Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm so proud (and satisfied!)

I am so proud of myself and my eating choices this weekend. My
intuitive has been going so well! I have been going non-stop though, so I really haven't taken any pictures of my food. I still explain my eats though!
Dinner last night we ordered from Avon Master Pizza because I convinced my parents that they had to try it. They had eaten some Wendy's while christmas shopping at 3:30, so they weren't too hungry by dinnertime but I convinced them that a. by the time the food came they'd be a little hungry and b. it was delicious! My dad just wanted some fried mozzarella sticks, and my mom tried the turkey wrap with fries. I had my new obsession- turkey gyro with greek salad. SO GOOD! Plus, it fueled me through winter formal, which is a huge plus. Formal was fun! I ended up feeling really sick towards the end, so I didn't sleep over school. Here are some pics of the night though...
When I came home from formal it was about 11pm. I had a stomach ache so I laid down for a little while. I started to get hungry around 11:30. I didn't want to hurt my stomach though. My mom said to try having a yogurt, because that'd be light on the tummy. I ended up having a Deep Chocolate Vitamuffin and a Yoplait Light. This was perfect and wasn't too harsh at all. Afterwards I went to bed.
This morning I woke up feeling slightly better, but got worse as the day went on. I started my day with a bowl of Kashi Puffed cereal with 1% milk and banana slices. I also had a slice of Country Kitchen Light Oatmeal bread toasted with Smuckers Strawberry Sugar Free. To finish up I ate the remainder of my banana plain. It was a pretty good breakfast. 
For lunch my mom heated up leftover calzone that my sister and her friend ordered last night. They got a large, so there was ALOT of leftovers. My mom, my dad, and I each sat down to a nice slice with a side of marinara.
After lunch my mom and I left to go visit my grandmother at the hospital. What a good time huh? We stayed from about 3:30-5:30, the left. On the way home we did a quick grocery shop and then picked up dinner from a local place called Joes Pizza. Funny though, because we've never ever eaten their pizza. My dad and sister claim they have the best cheeseburgers around, so naturally that's what they ordered. My dad opted to have sauteed onions and mushrooms on his, and my sister stuck with the classic lettuce, tomato, onion. Both of them had lots of ketchup! My mom and I split a chicken caesar wrap. I ate everything on the inside and left a good amount of bread. I also had a small serving of their mango caprese salad on the side (mango, mozzarella, spinach). My whole family split an order of their eggplant fries. We are all obsessed with these and they are the main reason we go to Joes!
Overall, I was really proud of myself and my ability to branch out and eat foods that I didn't prepare or even count calories for. It was a huge step for me and a successful weekend! Now if only I felt better....

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