Friday, December 26, 2008

the craziness never ends!!

So 30 people finally leave our house last night, just in time for house guest this morning! Phew! My grandparents came in from Philly this morning to stay with us the night. 
This morning I got up about 9AM and took a nice hot shower. I was happily surprised to find a nice loaf of Raisin Babka sitting on the counter top. My aunt brings Babka every Christmas (we're a big Polish family), and I always look forward to enjoying a slice. This morning I chose to have some for breakfast. I had a slice of Babka toasted with some Brummel and Brown margarine on top. I also had some cottage cheese, grapes, and jasmine green tea on the side.
 Healthy and delicious!!
After breakfast, my mom, sister, and I went out to run some errands. We went to the car wash, Wal-Mart, the grocery store, Victoria's Secret, and the liquor store. We had to get a bottle of wine for my grandfather's birthday ad PJs for my grandma's birthday. We went to Wal-Mart for some fabric for my sewing machine and propane for my dad, and the grocery store for lunch fixings. We got bread, rolls, roast beef, and chips for lunch. I also grabbed some Yoplait and YO Crunch yogurts as well as some more quick, frozen meals for my sister and I while we were there. 
When we arrived home my grandparents pulled in the driveway on cue. We gave our hugs, and then opened our Christmas presents. They got me a beautiful new Cole Haan bag. It's a roll bag, and it's just GORGEOUS. I love it! Around 1:15-1:30 or so, my dad and I started making some turkey salad with the leftover turkey from yesterday. We chopped up turkey, celery, and onions and added some Kraft Light Mayo. After it was done, everyone started assembling sandwiches. Now my lunch today was a huge treat for me. Way back when I was a little girl my great great aunt used to make something called Kapusta. It is a Polish dish made of sauerkraut and yellow peas. Ever since I was a toddler I LOVED it! My aunt used to make it for me every year on my birthday and Christmas, but since she passed I barely ever get it. Her daughter surprised me with a batch yesterday! I was beyond excited. It is traditional to eat it with rye bread, so I picked up some light rye at BigY when we were there. Now that we have that cleared up, my lunch consisted of a slice of rye spread with warm Kapusta and tomato slices. I also had a half of a turkey salad sandwich on light oatmeal bread, and a diet coke. It was a delicious make-your-own sandwich kind of lunch!!
After lunch my grandmother helped me figure out my new sewing machine, and I spent a few hours trying to cut out patterns while getting frustrated with fabrics. Around 4PM I went downstairs to grab a golden delicious apple to snack on, and the headed back up to struggle some more!
Something weird happened around 5:30- I BECAME STARVING. Insatiably starving. Everyone was snacking on veggies/dip and wine, so I had a handful of baby carrots and some celery with about 2 cherry tomatoes. I was still hungry and we weren't having dinner until 7-7:30 so I had a new yogurt, a YO Crunch Oreo.
 It was delicious and I felt much better afterwards. We sat around, talked, and laughed until about 6:45, when we finally left the house for dinner. We went to the country club. We belong to the Golf Club of Avon
We started off our meal with some appetizers. We ordered the Thai Shrimp Sizzle. The description was: Tender Gulf Shrimp Sizzled with Thai Chili Paste and Coconut Milk served with Sticky Rice. I had one shrimp off the plate, and oh my god I cannot describe how amazing the flavor was! They offer an entree sized portion of this, and I think I might get it next time! We also ordered the fried calamari. It was very different from any other calamari I've ever had (I had 2 small bites) but the flavor was so good and it actually might have been some of my favorite calamari ever. The breading was light and the spices were right on. 
I ordered the Sea Bass special for my dinner, as did my grandmother, mom, and my mom's friend. Our meal came with a salad that happened to be one of the most interesting salads i've had in a long time. It was served with a whole pear, strawberries, and slivered almonds over arugula with a strawberry vinaigrette (I got on the side). I really enjoyed this salad.
The main meal was, obviously, sea bass. It was presented over a sweet potato mash with some mixed vegetables and a Blood Orange Citrus Jus. All four of us who ordered this loved it. It was phenomenal!
After dinner we had coffee. I ordered a coconut rice pudding but didn't like it so my grandma and mom split it. Everyone else got hot fudge sundaes. I was a little bummed about the dessert, but it worked out. We had to pick up my sister from a movie. She hadn't eaten dinner and wanted to stop at McDonalds. I saw it as the perfect opportunity to snag an ice cream cone. Mine looked a little something like this-

Now I am just relaxing in my room, catching up on blogs, and chatting with friends. Hopefully tomorrow I will have some more pictures of my eats. Night everyone!

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